You Body Needs Balance

When you're body is too acidic, it can potentially cause many health problems.  Acidity can come from many sources.  Some like food and drinks are well under our control.  You can decide to eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and drink clean, filtered water instead of junk food and soda.  Another one under your control is exercise, which, among many other benefits, is actually alkalizing to the body.  But there are other factors that aren't completely in your control.

Pollution is one example.  If you live near a busy street or highway, you might be breathing in a fair amount of toxic chemicals from car exhaust.  This has an acidifying effect on the body.  If you light candles in your house, the pollution from that can sometimes be worse than from nearby cars because the source is inside your home.  

Eating the right foods, exercising, and minimizing pollution will all help you in getting your body's pH back to where it should be, but it can take years to reverse the damage already done.  Many people need a fast and powerful solution.  That's where Balance 7 comes in!  Balance 7 quickly and safely boosts your pH and helps you achieve the balance you need.


Having plants in your home is not only pleasing to the eye, but they can also remove toxins from the air and replace them with clean oxygen.