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Sonny Brasile Arthritis

San Francisco 49ers Quarterback

"I started taking the Balance 7 and within a week I started to experience a remarkable difference in the way my body was starting to feel, I was experiencing significant movement back in my joints with considerable reduction in pain. After taking it for 3 months I stopped taking my prescribed medication for Arthritis and now I am free of any and all pain to my Arthritic joints…"


Patient of Dr. Ordu Stomach Ulcer

Abia State, Nigeria

"After 10 days she returned to us with her husband, who also submitted himself to the trial, because he also had the same complaints as his wife. Both of them are now happy and relieved of their stomach complaints. The reported that they are now even eating those food items heretofore forbidden by their former doctors"


Mr. Dickson Malaria and Typhoid Fever


"After fighting with malaria for 4 months – Cleanshield produced results in 48 hours. Body temperature subsided within 4hrs, Joint pains seized; Un-prolonged purging was experienced after 18-24 hrs. Salmonella typhoid and plasmodium cells were completely obliterated in 3 days. Its incredible."


Marshal-Blum Clinical Trials Psoriasis

Clinical Study in USA

"5 subjects with psoriasis in clinical trial experienced positive results."


Doctor in Africa Benign Prostate Hypotrophy

Lagos, Nigeria

“I suffered from Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and was fighting it for years with conventional gold standard treatments. I was amazed to experience relief within two weeks of using CleanShield."


"It has returned me to an extraordinary active life. My energy seems boundless, and the lethargic feeling has been completely eliminated." - Dr. Wunmi Lawal

"Great product!" - Grace

"Love it!" - Yvonne

"This product is superb, it works perfectly" - Ebenezer

"Fantastic!" - Eugenia

"Love Balance7! The whole family is on it now." - Pascal

"I encourage every house to have it." - Firmine